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Our students engage with academic content in multiple ways to maximize their learning. Students work independently from personalized playlists that include reading, video and online curricula. On-demand assessments allow students to show they have mastered content, creating opportunities for them to race ahead or dive deeper after they have completed weekly assignments. Teachers are available to guide and support, and students make choices on how they approach their work, in what order they complete assignments, and in what ways they ask for help, allowing them to build habits of success.

Students spend time in small groups, working with a teacher on math, close reading and writing assignments. The work students do in Self-Directed Learning provides them with core knowledge so that group time can be spent deepening understanding, discussing concepts and developing critical thinking skills. 

Students work with each other and a teacher to go deep discussing and debating broader themes and questions, drawing on the mastery they’ve achieved through self-directed and small group work. Students also grapple with science lab investigations, providing the opportunity to bring scientific concepts to life.