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The Greenfield Enrichment program develops deep performance skill in the arts, sports, and computer science.  Students choose two focus areas, and through intensive daily practice and a multi-year commitment, they are able to pursue true excellence.  Students get to feel the joy that comes from passionately pursuing advanced skills, and a powerful sense of accomplishment as they perform, compete, and exhibit their expertise.  Students will get to pursue excellence in one physical and non-physical Enrichment.

Greenfield schools offer a combination of the following Enrichment courses:

  • Physical: Dance, Sports, and Martial Arts
  • Non-Physical: Visual Arts, Coding & Robotics, and Band 

Enrichment is also part of the Expeditions program where each student will experience a two-week Enrichment "Intensive" once a year to accelerate their skills in one of their Enrichment areas. To learn more about the Expeditions program you can watch this video. Students also have the opportunity to advance through smaller group instruction in Enrichment on Saturdays as part of our "Saturday Studio" program.