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Students start every year by writing a personal narrative about who they are, what’s important to them and where they are headed. These narratives are intended to stretch students’ sense of possibility, build motivation to take charge of their learning and connect their schoolwork to long-term dreams. Long-term goals then translate into more concrete monthly goals and daily to-dos. To ensure student’s goals and dreams stay at the forefront, the Greenfield model incorporates structures to support their pursuit.

Every day, students hold a facilitated Goal Review with their Running Partner—a peer who supports and pushes them, as well as meet with their Goal Team—a set of six to eight students—to set short-term goals, organize to-dos, and make commitments for the coming days and weeks.

Once a week, students check in with their Goal Coach—a staff member at the school—to reflect on progress and choices they made that week.

Once per quarter, each student meets with their Dream Team, a group consisting of their Running Partner, Goal Coach, family and other meaningful mentors. During this time, students showcase the goals they’ve met, challenges they’ve overcome and their path ahead. In turn, the Dream Team offers mentorship and encouragement to help the student stretch even further.