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Who You Are:

  • You believe in possibility—in an inspiring future, the monumental potential inside all students and the endless possibilities that life should afford them.
  • You are a visionary thinker, a non-complacent leader and a person who is not afraid of making mistakes. You are someone who constantly pursues excellence and seeks continuous improvement for yourself, your students and your colleagues.
  • You embrace newness enthusiastically, take ownership and initiative, create new ideas and solutions, crave responsibility, and relentlessly set and reach audacious goals.
  • You are predisposed toward action, you leverage resources for results and you speak your mind as a constructive problem-solver.

You know that the end game is about our students.
You are deeply committed to helping develop the best-prepared students in the world.

You belong at a Greenfield school. 

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We know how hard teachers work and we are deeply invested in creating a school community where kids and adults thrive for the long term. Based on this belief, we have developed schedules for children and adults where deep engagement and personal renewal are at the heart of our program.   

What does the staff schedule look like?

Every lead teacher and instructor engages in up to four hours of direct instruction, an hour of supervision of self-directed learning, at least two hours of preparation or training time and 30-60 minutes of Community Time. Lead teachers also reserve periods of time for one-on-one counseling. Our schedules are staggered to allow for an extended school day while maximizing staff sustainability.

Teacher Schedule

How to Apply

Does the educator we have described sound like you?  Do you have strong achievement results as evidence? Are you a goal-oriented, highly-flexible person who values team above self? We are excited to hear from you. 

As our Greenfield schools launch, we have limited positions available. However, our Greenfield schools are part of the Achievement First network, and our talent team will ensure we are looking across our network to match talent with great opportunities. Start the process today by clicking here.

Once we review your materials, a member of our talent team will reach out to you within seven business days to discuss next steps. Our process includes:

  • Resume/Application Review
  • Phone Interview (sometimes two phone interviews are conducted)
  • In-person Finalist Interview
  • Reference Checks

We know this requires an investment of your time and we appreciate it—and we hope it gives you more insight into who we are, what we believe and the work you would be doing as a member of our team.