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Teacher Preparation

We are breaking new ground in the way we develop and support teachers. We’ve learned from over a decade of running schools that the preparation and support of teachers is directly linked to student success and achievement. In the Greenfield model, we’ve intentionally designed the yearly, weekly and daily calendar to afford more time and space for teachers to prepare for their work. 

Yearly: In addition to four weeks of summer training, teachers experience supplemental professional development during student expeditions.

Weekly: Professional development on all early release days.

Daily: Frequent real-time coaching as well as approximately three hours each day for intellectual preparation, analysis of student work, sharing team best practices and feedback. 

Additionally, the Greenfield curriculum has been designed so that teachers can focus more time on internalizing content, analyzing student data and practicing delivery.

Finally, we have staggered staff schedules to allow for an extended school day while maximizing staff sustainability.