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Why Greenfield?

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At Achievement First, we have made a commitment to take on the challenge of innovating. Our Greenfield project was created to tackle this challenge, to develop a school design that has the potential to completely close vexing achievement gaps and more intentionally cultivate the essential non-academic habits, experiences and enrichment areas that our students need to be successful in college and life. We called the project “Greenfield” because we wanted everyone to imagine an open field with no structure built on it. If you could build any school, what would you build?

We analyzed research and development efforts, went on site visits to other highly successful and innovative schools and engaged with students and families. We delved into leading studies around character development, how students learn and human motivation.  All the while, we asked ourselves these questions.

How would you design curriculum and instruction to maximize learning?

How would you develop self-motivated learners, problem-solvers and leaders?

How would you provide individualized access to technology?

How would you deepen learning through meaningful enrichment?

How would you ensure students have relevant hands-on experiences?

How would you plan the school day and year to maximize teacher preparation and development?